Tile displays


Ambi Point

Extensive, but brought to a point. With the high-quality AMBI-POINT display you can currently present up to 7 different series from our trend-oriented series AMBIENCE. 6 solid and ergonomic AMBI-BOXES not only inform you extensively about the technical characteristics of the products, but also make them a tangible experience for the customers as the tiles are removable.

samples: 100

height: 92,5 cm

width: 55,3 cm

depth: 56 cm


Ambi Box

The high-quality and ergonomic boxes not only contain all the colours and designs oft he respective AMBIENCE series, but also make them tangible for your customers, as each item can be easily taken out of the box.

samples: 20

height: 21 cm

width: 49 cm

depth: 29 cm


Ambi Top

With just 0,3m², this modern display might find room on every sales counter. As all tiles are removable, it ensures a haptic experience for your customers.

samples: 20

height: 55 cm

width: 45 cm

depth: 55 cm


Ambience Display MINI

The AMBIENCE series are presented in a practice-oriented manner on 8 attractive designed panels. Each panel convinces with an appealing ambient image with the suitably laying.

samples: 8

height: 105 cm

width: 80 cm

depth: 60 cm


Ambi Display

The new Ambi Display presents your customers an attractive selection of top sellers from our AMBIENCE series on an area of 65 x 50 cm.

samples: 30

height: 45 cm

width: 65 cm

depth: 50 cm


Folder Ambience

The various folders AMBIENCE in DIN A4 size give you a comprehensive overview of the series VINTAGE OXID, JUNGLE, SPATOLATO and BELLE ÉPOQUE.

samples: 2-5

height: 32 cm

width: 28,8 cm

depth: 3,5 cm

Mosaic displays


Z Display

In a trend-oriented design, the Z-DISPLAY enables a complete presentation of approx.110 of the bestselling Bärwolf mosaics – on just 1m² of floor space.

samples: 110

height: 150 cm

width: 120 cm

depth: 90 cm


Z Display Mini

The Z-DISPLAY MINI enables a compact presentation of approx.60 of the bestselling Bärwolf mosaics – on just 0,5m² of floor space.

samples: 60

height: 152 cm

width: 69 cm

depth: 61 cm


Z Display XS

Get an overview of the TOP-BÄRWOLF products with this new table display.

samples: 30

height: 60 cm

width: 59 cm

depth: 29 cm


Cubus Mini

Our information and advising centre for slip-resistant tiles in its most compact form. The CUBUS MINI allows the vivid presentation of approx. 60 slip-resistant Bärwolf mosaics fort he design of barrier-free and floor-level shower areas.

samples: 40

height: 110 cm

width: 62 cm

depth: 62 cm



The mosaic folder in DIN A4 size give you a comprehensive overview of either the GTM series with its 9 selected glazed, slip-resistant mosaics.

samples: 6 - 9

height: 32 cm

width: 28,8 cm

depth: 3,5 cm

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